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Couples, marriage, and Relationship Counselling & therapy in Woodbridge & Vaughan


Couples Counselling and Psychotherapy is a safe place where you can process, and work toward resolving difficult issues in your relationship or marriage, without blame or judgment, and with my professional guidance.


In our couples therapy sessions, we will understand, accept, and support both of you as we help you work through your conflicts. Our main goal is to improve your relationship. In this process, we will explore your relational dynamics, identify and work toward resolving conflicts that harm your relationship or marriage, and learn healthier styles of communication in your relationship or marriage.


We work with couples who come for help with a wide range of relational issues and who are at different relationship phases. Our approach to couples counselling is informed primarily by Gottman Couples Counselling method and Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT).


Couples Therapy can help you:


  • Identify negative communication patterns that interrupt emotional closeness in your relationship

  • Learn how to manage conflicts in your relationship

  • Learn how to restore, and repair your relationship after conflicts

  • Assist you on relational problems such as infidelity and trust issues

  • Assist you to make informed decision about the future of your relationship/marriage

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