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Psychotherapy & Counselling | Woodbridge & Vaughan | Child and parent counselling


Parent Support Counseling and Psychotherapy is a safe place where parents can address important concerns with regards to their parenting skills, with the help of my professional knowledge.

While the focus of Parent Support Counselling is to help clients improve their parenting skills, it can often benefit all family members, regardless of age or role.

Parents can also learn how to support each other throughout their parental journey while nurturing and maintaining a healthy, meaningful relationship with their children.


If you are looking for family improvements, Parent Support Counseling and Psychotherapy can be an effective and meaningful choice that may benefit the whole family


I work with parents who are seeking professional help for their parenting skills.

Parent Support Counselling can help you:


  • Learn how to better understand your children/teens behaviour

  • Learn how to apply evidence-based parenting skills to enhance your role as a parent

  • Assist you to learn healthier communication skills to interact with your children/teens

  • Enhance emotional closeness with your children using attachment-based therapeutic models

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